New Season. New Site.

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Hey there, and welcome! The name’s Aaron. I’m not a big deal. You probably don’t know who I am. I’m just a guy whose been wrecked in the best of ways by God’s grace and who is doing his best to make that grace known to a hurting world.

I’ve written some things in the past, but writing itself has always been little more than an afterthought. If I happened to feel inspired and had extra time, I’d sit down and write. Being that this happened about as frequently as a lunar eclipse, I didn’t write very much. It just wasn’t a priority. That’s about to change.  

As the church we planted moves into the next phase of its life and as my second bout with grad school comes to a close, I can no longer shrug off a calling to write. Much of what I write may just be for me. The discipline of writing has always served to clarify what God is doing in and around me. However, some of it I truly believe God is going to use in the lives of those who somehow find themselves here.

If that’s you, I am excited you are here. I’ve been praying for you. Let’s begin.