A Short Thank You

“Let your conversation be always full of grace, seasoned with salt…”Colossians 4:6

Hey friends, I just wanted to take a minute to say thank you.

Two weeks ago I launched this site with some real fear and trepidation. I knew my first article was a sensitive one. My greatest fear in making it public was not so much in how it would be received, but in how some of my heterosexual Christian brothers and sisters might respond. I worried that it might only provide yet another platform for the angry, condemning voices of religion to shout.

However, I also knew that maybe, just maybe a different kind of conversation could emerge; one marked first and foremost by grace and respect. In the end, I thought it was well worth the risk.

Since launching less than two weeks ago, the article has been shared hundreds of times across social media as thousands have read it. The conversation has been nonstop on my end, both privately and publicly. It has continued over coffee, through email, over the phone, on Facebook and right here on the blog. It has included a wonderfully diverse chorus of voices representing a large spectrum of convictions.

What I have been most encouraged by, however, is the overarching tone in which the conversation has taken place. On the whole, it has been a wonderfully robust dialog marked by grace and mutual respect. If you ask me, that alone is a win.

I am excited by what I sense is a desire by many within the Christian community to radically change the way we have treated homosexuality and the LGBT community in the church. As we seek to understand and flesh out the implications of the gospel in the days to come, there will undoubtedly continue to be vastly differing convictions around this issue and others. Therefore, it is so important that we learn to model God’s grace both in our dialogue and in our disagreements. I thought this was a great step in that direction.

So to all of you who have engaged with grace and class, I just want to say thank you.