I’m writing a book.


I’m writing a book. There, I said it.

To tell you the truth, I debated on whether or not to share this publicly. It can sound so presumptuous, as if writing a book is what one does after they’ve risen far above everyone else with their cute little assumptions and misunderstandings.

“Excuse me, people. Author coming through.”

But that’s not me and that’s not why I’m writing this book.

Confessions Of A Coward

Have you ever sensed you were supposed to do something? Perhaps it was a hard conversation that needed to be had, an apology that needed to be made, an act of kindness that was yours to make, or something you just knew you needed to stop or start. Have you ever had that nagging sense that you were supposed to do something but when the time came to act you instead tucked tail and ran the other way?




It’s been several weeks since I’ve sat down and written anything. You could say I have been on somewhat of a hiatus since my last article.

When I wrote “5 Really Bad Reasons To Leave Your Church” I had no idea the article would reach as far as it did. It was originally written to the relatively small contingent of people who read my still very new personal site. I was more than a little unprepared for what was to come when Relevant Magazine, On Faith and numerous smaller sites picked up the article.

New Season. New Site.

Screen shot 2011-08-31 at 2.46.38 PM

Hey there, and welcome! The name’s Aaron. I’m not a big deal. You probably don’t know who I am. I’m just a guy whose been wrecked in the best of ways by God’s grace and who is doing his best to make that grace known to a hurting world.

I’ve written some things in the past, but writing itself has always been little more than an afterthought. If I happened to feel inspired and had extra time, I’d sit down and write. Being that this happened about as frequently as a lunar eclipse, I didn’t write very much. It just wasn’t a priority. That’s about to change.